Fatima likes lactofriend

“lactofriend is the solution for people who have uncomfortable digestive problems : bloating, heaviness, gas, abdominal discomfort, fatigue and sometimes diarrhoea.

One lactofriend before or with my meal containing lactose and I avoid fatigue after eating!”



lactofriend with a main course in a fine restaurant!

“lactofriend goes along well with a lot of different dishes.

Appetizers, starters, main courses (fish or meat), desserts… in any case lactofriend has a good taste and helps you digest lactose!” says Jeff Favreau, French Chef!

main course in fine dining restaurant




lactofriend with an excellent home-made dessert!


lactofriend (the little white supplement on the top) helps you to digest lactose of this excellent home-made dessert!

lactofriend containing lactase is my new solution to feel good without having to deprive myself!” says  Nelly

decadent home-made dessert and lactofriend

“Be zen with lactose!”

“Eating meals with lactose is not a problem for me anymore thanks to lactofriend!

lactofriend is a little supplement that helps me digest lactose.

I take 1 or 2 lactofriend before each meal and I am zen after.” says Sylvie

sylvie and lactose


“I feel better with lactofriend”

“Because lactose is present in many different food I love, I eat 1 or 2 lactofriend before or during each meal containing lactose and I feel better!” says Charlotte.

my lactofriend