lactofriend: say goodbye to a life without lactose!

lactofriend is the first simple and palatable food supplement enabling you to digest lactose.

This round, melt-in-the-mouth pastille with its unique, delicate flavour is a mealtime ally for lactose sensitive and intolerant people.

Containing active lactase of natural origin, lactofriend improves the digestion of lactose intolerant food lovers.



What is lactase?

Lactase is a digestive enzyme.
During digestion, lactase is required to break down lactose (the sugar in milk) into galactose and glucose. Lactose intolerant people lack lactase.

Intolerance and lactose

Lactose tolerant in every situation!

Scrutinising labels and menus is now a thing of the past, as are lactose-free dishes and ingredients!
lactofriend is available in restaurants for people who have difficulty digesting lactose.

Add a bit of lactofriend before or during meals containing lactose to ensure you feel better afterwards.

Don’t deprive yourself of desserts or delicious dishes containing lactose anymore!
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